Missing Person Report: Persephone


From the Desk of Cece Thothis, Investigator, Olympus PD

Report due:   ASAP
Case #:  820500, Missing Person Report: Persephone

Report filed by:   Demeter, mother of vic. Daughter went missing while playing in field while mother was “attending to her duties”. Mother describes daughter as shy and immature for age but very lovely. Mother very distraught and hysterical. Killed all plants in vicinity when told to calm down. Advise minimal dealings with.

Witness:  Hekate. Claims to have been near the field where Vic went missing. Didn’t see anything but thought she heard screams. Very serious demeanor. Entourage includes ghosts and dogs. Very goth looking. May be on drugs. Forward suggestion to investigate to drug task force.

Witness:  Helios. States he saw it all due to his position in the sky. He names Hades as Perp. Says he grabbed Vic in field while plucking flowers. Didn’t see them leave the field due to cloud cover. Upon careful questioning, admit grudge against Perpetrator because he wanted Victim for self. Bright and sunny disposition but hides a hot temper. Not very reliable.

Comments:   Spoke with Vic’s father, Zeus. Says had fling with mother resulting in Vic. Says Vic is not shy, immature OR demure. Laughed and said she was very much his daughter despite what the mother believed. Refused to say any more. Upon investigation, father has reputation as quite the ladies’ man. May know more than admitting. Be careful, politically powerful.

Sent patrol to Perp’s house to pick up Hades for questioning. Found Victim. Both brought in. Hades, who prefers to be called Plouton, claims everything was consensual and that he also had father’s permission. Tall, dark and handsome. Bad boy vibe.

Spoke with “victim” who refused to press charges. Very attractive, outgoing, vibrant female. Describes mother as a control freak who wouldn’t let her date. Met Plouton at her Father’s place and was dating him secretly. Was surprised by removal from field, hence the scream but was happy to go. Describes Helios as a pervert and Hekate as on the fringe.

Recommendation:  No charges. Make sure person who informs the mother is either expendable or invincible. Better yet have the father tell her.


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