This is Zeus




Born in a cave,
then abandoned
for safety’s sake.

An orphan raised
by nymphs and warriors
fed on milk and honey.

Dance and arms,
discovery and learning
filled his youthful days.

Gaia and Metis
help him trick his father
into rebirthing his siblings.

With wisdom and strength,
he leads his siblings and allies
to victory over the Titans.

He proved his mettle again
in battle with Typhoeus
and in war with the giants.

Creativity unleashed
with all equally,
whether mortal or divine.

Interests unbound:
home and community,
fields and stars.

Eagle, snake, ram and wolf;
oak, crown and lightning;
these are his symbols.

Sky god and king of all
Cave dweller and wanderer
Guardian and guide of men.

This is Zeus.


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