I’m Fine


My love for you
Waxes and wanes

in my heart
but never loses its grip
there is constant Hope
that today will be the day
yet the pain each evening
often leads me to swear
that I will let this love go
for it obviously isn’t meant to be
yet I find Hope
shiny and alive in the morn
I’ve beat this dead horse so often
that even the bones have turned to dust
yet still Hope persists
stubborn and determined
with stars in her eyes
and blood under her nails
from clawing her way to the surface
I’ve buried Hope and her passion so often
That I sometimes forget that she is there
pretending that what is missing
doesn’t matter, doesn’t hurt
all it takes is a song
to let wishful thinking surface and
become, once again,
a tunnel for Hope
yet Anger is there too
the shadow side of hope
as love fuels Hope
retribution fuels Anger
shove them down
cover them up
pretend it doesn’t matter
pretend that all is well
don’t touch that scab
it still isn’t healed
walk away
head held high
I’m fine.


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