and the mistletoe


mistletoeFather, do you love me?
Of course, I do my youngest.  My day-and-night.
Do you really?
Yes, yes I do.  You know I cannot lie to you, Flame-eye
Prove it to me.  Send me down a joyful man, a man worthy of me.
What?  Down here?
Yes down here.  To lighten my heart.  To sit in honor beside me.
So you don’t love me.
I do love you my daughter.  Be…
Oh my split heart, my Hellakin come back here to Papa.
I promise you, Hel, by the very line that divides your body to bring you the man you ask.  Who?
Baldr, the god of light. He is the only one with a gentle enough heart to learn to look past…this.
And so you bring me to my fate, child.  Whether I want it or not.

* * * * * * * *

Baldr, my beloved son, why is your light so dim?
Mother I had a nightmare…at least I hope it was a nightmare.  Hel told me in three days I would be hers.
My bright warrior brought low by a dream?  Surely not.
It was a dream unlike any I’ve had before.  It worries me.

* * * * * * * *

Well old one, it is done.  Fetch me water.  I wish to bathe.
What is done, my lady?
I have asked every living thing to promise not to harm Baldr.
All but the mistletoe for it is too young to make the oath.

* * * * * * * *

Hod why do you sit here, while others make sport of your brother’s blessing?
You know well Laufeyson, that I cannot see to even hit the broadside of a barn.
Come, come! Join the fun!  I will aid you in your aim.
Take this dart.  Turn to the left a bit.  Now throw high.

* * * * * * * *

It is done, daughter of mine.  It is done. Baldr should be here within a day.
I hope you are pleased. Your gift brings about the end.
Oh Father.  You do love me.  I had no doubts.  The realm is prepared for my honored guest.
Be aware, someone will come asking what ransom you would accept to set him free.
A ransom? Why no one leaves my realm!
And neither will he.  Tell them all must mourn Baldr’s passing.
All as in every thing, alive or dead.  I will take care of the rest.

* * * * * * * *

Loki, brother of Odin, I’ve never seen you so deeply in your cups.
S’ut up, pig entrails and bring me another.  I need to toast Helliekin.  She has her love an’ me pain.
Helliekin? Hel?  Hel is in love?
Certainly, my good man.  Who has her heart?
I prove’ my love to her.  I did.
Of course you did!  Here let me fill that up for you.
Such a good father, tha’s me.  Thanks to his mama and the mistletoe.


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