About Merit Brokaw

I am an American Pagan (or Polytheist if you prefer) that honors the Hellenic (aka Greek) Pantheon.  I was raised Roman Catholic but found no joy on that path.  While I dislike many of the things that the Roman Catholic Church has done, I have no problems with that path or the people who follow it.  It was not the path for me.  In 1995 as a “baby” Pagan, I started out on AOL where I was known as Feisty Kat.  That name carried over when I met people in the local community.  First my spiritual path was of a Wiccan-esque nature. I was in a coven briefly, but as is the nature of small towns, the other members moved to a larger town, an inconvenient distance away, with better job prospects. Yet we split in more ways than physically as they were becoming more Celtic in practice just as I was becoming more Greek in practice.  After attending a workshop on Dionysos and with some prodding from Hermes, I started on the Hellenic path. Since then I’ve dedicated to Zeus and spent some time studying a number of the Greek gods.  When I came to this path, I chose the name Melia Suez and I have written many things under that pen name and participated in many online communities using it.

When my life took another unexpected course change during the summer of 2016, my focus was no longer on Zeus but on Horus the elder (Heru-ur).  To commemorate this change, I took the name of Merit, for not only the English meaning but also because it means “beloved” in Ancient Egyptian (best that I can tell any way).

So what name shall I use here?  I still answer to all of them.  But for simplicity, I’m going to go with one name.  Since I’ve never liked my given name, I’ve chosen to use Merit or Meri for short and as another reminder.  (I honestly I hope this is my last name change.  Sheesh. 🙂 )  Brokaw is my married name…I’ve used it longer than I used my father’s last name.

What else is there to know about me?  I’m married to my college sweetheart and mother of a very active 10 year old boy.  I work at my dream job as a part timer at the local library and enjoy it thoroughly.  Well except for those pesky slow times, when there is little to do and the books start calling my name, begging to be opened and perused.  I am on the Board of Directors for a Polytheist organization and volunteer staff member of another.  I currently have a blog on Pagan Square and have been known to write reviews for a couple of different Pagan publications.  I have edited a devotional anthology in Zeus’ honor and contributed to a number of others.  I dabbled at writing in my teens but the bug didn’t really strike me until I got on this spiritual path.

This blog will be the library for my writings.  The majority of my writings are related to my spiritual path.  There are stories and prayers.  There may even be a few essays.  Please enjoy my works.  Share them where you will but give credit where credit is due and keep my copyright intact.  If you are curious about my other pursuits, my personal blog is 4ofwands.wordpress.com.  Also, I’ve bitten the bullet and joined Twitter:  @MeliaBrokaw.

Legal Notice:  © 2008-2017 A. M. Brokaw/Melia Suez/Melia Brokaw/Merit Brokaw/Merit H. Joyful and 4 of Wands/Oaken Scrolls. For personal use only. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to A. M. Brokaw/Melia Suez/Melia Brokaw/Merit Brokaw/Merit H. Joyful and 4 of Wands/Oaken Scrolls with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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