Cupid’s Anger


Mischievous child, put down your bow.  That is gear for a man, not the chubby darling of love.  I use the same weapon to wound my enemies, slay Python and hunt wild beasts.  Content yourself with your torch to inflame hearts, leave the bow to your betters! Continue reading


Summer Play


Can you imagine it
On this lovely summer day?
The Nymph and Kore dance
In a meadow of flowers
Surrounded by fey.
There on that rock
Against that tree
Is The Musician and his band
Playing the dance tune.
Reclining nearby
In the shade of that tree
Is The Mother humming
And tapping her dainty foot.
Up above poor Helios
Slows his chariot
In order to watch the fun.
Envious of their play,
Envious of the beauty,
He can’t have.
Yet he dares not stop,
For out of sight on the drum
Is The Father who drives
The tempo and him on and on.