Youths of Zeus

Youths of Zeus


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A Sister’s Tale

Helen on the walls of Troy by Frederic Leighton

Helen on the walls of Troy by Frederic Leighton

“Who is my hero?” you ask.
My brothers two.
Surprised are you not?
I’ve often felt like a bone
fought over, stolen
retaken, only to happen again.
Only my twin brothers
made me feel loved
for who I was…
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The Folly of Tyndareus

Swan feather

“Mother, why are we here?”

“I want to see for my own eyes whether the tale I was told is true.” As the beauty walked into the Spartan temple, the foundations shook in anticipation of her anger. “SO! It is true. Tyndareus has put my statue in fetters!”

Eros scratched his head. “Why would he do something so…silly? Blasphemous? Rude?”

“It is supposed to symbolize the bonds of faithfulness that wives should show their husbands.” Aphrodite spat upon the fetters. “Here me Gods! Those of above, those of below and those that call Gaia home! Tyndareus shall never know faithfulness. Not in his wife, nor in his children.” The temple seemed to groan at the Lady of Love’s pronouncement, which echoed longer and louder than the temple’s size would suggest.

“Eros, my darling son, be an angel for me. Go. Tell Zeus of the beauty, Leda, the wife of Tyndareus. Tell him I will aid his plans. Many fates will be affected by what happened here.”

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