The Slipper

leather and gold slippers, 300-400 AD

leather and gold slippers, 300-400 AD

They call her Cinderella now and in doing so, changed many details of her life.  A doting father, an evil stepmother , cruel step sisters, a fairy godmother and glass slippers.  Nonsense.  Whoever heard of a shoe being made of glass?!  By Ma’at, I, Pharaoh Amasis, though only a shade caught in the underworld, will tell you the truth of the tale.  May its telling bring me favor with that Goddess.  Besides, it isn’t even “Cinderella’s” tale to tell, but my own.  It is the tale of how Heru-wer, the falcon god and my divine father, found me a wife.

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Red Deception


My mum thinks she knows what I’m doing this afternoon. She’d be right and wrong. I’m AM going to grandma’s cottage but not to visit her. Grandma died weeks ago. I found her lying in her own blood in the dark forest. My wails brought another who comforted me and buried her body in a lovely grove.  He said her death appeared to be caused by some large animal.  All I remember is blood as red as my cloak.

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