Plato’s Plouton

Platos Pluton


The Hellenic Tale of Winter Solstice Eve


A servant peers upon the dinner party with trepidation.  He fidgets in place as he tries to figure out the best way to interrupt his Lord and Lady, deliver his important news without letting the guests know that there is a problem in the realm.  He looks over the assembly noting that tonight it is a small party, just his dark-clad lord, his lovely bride in brown and burgundy and their guest who is rather painful to look upon.

His fidgeting and hand wringing attracts the notice of his mistress. “Yes, Gerald?  Is there a problem?”

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The Tale of Mint

 Flowering Spear Mint (Mentha spicata)

Flowering Spear Mint (Mentha spicata)

Nymphe of Kokyos,
plaything of Aidoneus,
overstepped her bounds
in jealousy over her,
the new underworld queen.
Loudly complain did the nymph
about her better form
about her beauty excelling
that of her rival,
about her lascivious arts,
declaring that Aidoneus
would return to her arms
within a fortnight
while the soiled maid
would be left to wander
bereft and alone.
Anger, unchecked,
that had already laid
waste to the land of man,
found another outlet
and trampled the nymph
leaving nothing behind
but a strongly scented herb,

Missing Person Report: Persephone


From the Desk of Cece Thothis, Investigator, Olympus PD

Report due:   ASAP
Case #:  820500, Missing Person Report: Persephone

Report filed by:   Demeter, mother of vic. Daughter went missing while playing in field while mother was “attending to her duties”. Mother describes daughter as shy and immature for age but very lovely. Mother very distraught and hysterical. Killed all plants in vicinity when told to calm down. Advise minimal dealings with.

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