Kharis, Truths and Untruths



Myths are stories true, yet untrue
Untruths that tell Truth
about the Divine, the world and us


Truths and Untruths
You breathe because
of the moment of
diaphragm and lungs
consciously or not
You breathe because
the Divine breathes into you
the kiss of life
given lip to lip
Your heart beats because
of an uncontrollable dance
of nerves and muscles
Your heart beats because
The Divine has it
carefully in hand
guiding every movement
from birth to death
You live because
the Divine wills it to be so
Truths and Untruths

The myths say mortals
are the Divine’s image
Truths and Untruths
The Divine waits
for your next breath
Heart resting in your hands
together bound for
sustence and inspiration
Giving in order to receive
An endless cycle
This is Kharis.



inspired by this post on Amidst Fires