Legend of the Robe

Sir_Edward_Burne_Jones_and_William_Morris_-_FloraZas, King of Olympus, Divine Craftsman,
once set aside his transforming bolt
for a surprisingly domesticated task…
an intricate weaving of astonishing beauty
adorned with land and sea, rivers and trees,
mountains and meadows, plants and animals.
A wondrous gift but not just any gift,
a wedding gift for his bride, Khthonie,
Queen of Tartarus, Ruler of Primordial Matter.
At first it was the blanket on their nuptial bed,
under which pleasure was given and received.
When they reluctantly left their chambers,
Zas wrapped his beloved in his handiwork
addressing her as Gaia, Fount of Life.
Like the Winged Oak, the Tree of Life,
her toes are securely rooted in the underworld,
while her horned crown shines in the heavens
and pouring ambrosia for our immortal souls.
A bridge between heaven and earth is she,
draped in the variegated robe of her Zas.