Author’s note

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Thanks, Melia

Cupid’s Anger


Mischievous child, put down your bow.  That is gear for a man, not the chubby darling of love.  I use the same weapon to wound my enemies, slay Python and hunt wild beasts.  Content yourself with your torch to inflame hearts, leave the bow to your betters!

Your bow may conquer all but cannot protect you from my own.  Every heart is my potential target and you are now in my sights. To my bow, two arrows are set.  The golden shaft is sunk into your bragging heart, while the leaden arrow flies into yonder passing nymph’s. Whose bow is the better now?

Stay sweet nymph, do not flee from me as if I was a foe.  I pursue you out of love, but stay my heart.  Do not be so distressed!  Do not run through the briars or over such rough ground.  Do not harm yourself but stay, let me heal you!  No rough forester or unkept shepherd am I.  Oh gentle beauty, it is I the lord of Delphi, son of Zeus.  My songs will sooth and charm you if you but stay a moment.

Help me Father River or Mother Earth!  Help me divinities of land and sky!  I falter and stumble while my heart still races.  Save me from the clutches of my pursuer.  Change me to something, anything that is not this female form for which he longs!

My love, why for the leaves in your hair, bark over your skin?   Rooted in place, no dancing to my songs?   It is between your legs I wish to be not your roots.  Alas, my bride you will now never be yet I must have you close.  Always you will be my tree, sweet laurel.  My head, my quiver, my hall you shall wreathe ever more.

Who is the child and who is the man?  Who sobs over a plant and who rides the breeze?  Ever shall you fail at love, songster, until you leave aside your pride and apologize to this chubby child of love.

and the mistletoe


mistletoeFather, do you love me?
Of course, I do my youngest.  My day-and-night.
Do you really?
Yes, yes I do.  You know I cannot lie to you, Flame-eye
Prove it to me.  Send me down a joyful man, a man worthy of me.
What?  Down here?
Yes down here.  To lighten my heart.  To sit in honor beside me.
So you don’t love me.
I do love you my daughter.  Be…
Oh my split heart, my Hellakin come back here to Papa.
I promise you, Hel, by the very line that divides your body to bring you the man you ask.  Who?
Baldr, the god of light. He is the only one with a gentle enough heart to learn to look past…this.
And so you bring me to my fate, child.  Whether I want it or not.

* * * * * * * *

Baldr, my beloved son, why is your light so dim?
Mother I had a nightmare…at least I hope it was a nightmare.  Hel told me in three days I would be hers.
My bright warrior brought low by a dream?  Surely not.
It was a dream unlike any I’ve had before.  It worries me.

* * * * * * * *

Well old one, it is done.  Fetch me water.  I wish to bathe.
What is done, my lady?
I have asked every living thing to promise not to harm Baldr.
All but the mistletoe for it is too young to make the oath.

* * * * * * * *

Hod why do you sit here, while others make sport of your brother’s blessing?
You know well Laufeyson, that I cannot see to even hit the broadside of a barn.
Come, come! Join the fun!  I will aid you in your aim.
Take this dart.  Turn to the left a bit.  Now throw high.

* * * * * * * *

It is done, daughter of mine.  It is done. Baldr should be here within a day.
I hope you are pleased. Your gift brings about the end.
Oh Father.  You do love me.  I had no doubts.  The realm is prepared for my honored guest.
Be aware, someone will come asking what ransom you would accept to set him free.
A ransom? Why no one leaves my realm!
And neither will he.  Tell them all must mourn Baldr’s passing.
All as in every thing, alive or dead.  I will take care of the rest.

* * * * * * * *

Loki, brother of Odin, I’ve never seen you so deeply in your cups.
S’ut up, pig entrails and bring me another.  I need to toast Helliekin.  She has her love an’ me pain.
Helliekin? Hel?  Hel is in love?
Certainly, my good man.  Who has her heart?
I prove’ my love to her.  I did.
Of course you did!  Here let me fill that up for you.
Such a good father, tha’s me.  Thanks to his mama and the mistletoe.