This is Zeus




Born in a cave,
then abandoned
for safety’s sake.

An orphan raised
by nymphs and warriors
fed on milk and honey.

Dance and arms,
discovery and learning
filled his youthful days.

Gaia and Metis
help him trick his father
into rebirthing his siblings.

With wisdom and strength,
he leads his siblings and allies
to victory over the Titans.

He proved his mettle again
in battle with Typhoeus
and in war with the giants.

Creativity unleashed
with all equally,
whether mortal or divine.

Interests unbound:
home and community,
fields and stars.

Eagle, snake, ram and wolf;
oak, crown and lightning;
these are his symbols.

Sky god and king of all
Cave dweller and wanderer
Guardian and guide of men.

This is Zeus.

Summer Play


Can you imagine it
On this lovely summer day?
The Nymph and Kore dance
In a meadow of flowers
Surrounded by fey.
There on that rock
Against that tree
Is The Musician and his band
Playing the dance tune.
Reclining nearby
In the shade of that tree
Is The Mother humming
And tapping her dainty foot.
Up above poor Helios
Slows his chariot
In order to watch the fun.
Envious of their play,
Envious of the beauty,
He can’t have.
Yet he dares not stop,
For out of sight on the drum
Is The Father who drives
The tempo and him on and on.




I am old.
Older than the Greek civilization.
Yet I still have relevance.
Take up my cult
I will carry you far.

I am change and challenge.
I am prosperity and choices.
Make your decision, don’t waffle.
I will give guidance or reassurance,
Just ask

You reap, what you sew
And I am the reaper.
All is on a cycle.
What is put out, returns.
Do not blame me for short comings
I only keep the wheel steady.

Look to the moon
It is change and movement.
Birth, life, death.
Honor me at the moon,
full for the life you have.

Zeus’ Lament


I am the Creative Spark, the Progenitor of All.
I love them, each and every one.
Yet those damn gossip mongers
Have tarred and feathered me
So that they cannot truly see me.

If those that they love and honor,
Love me, honor me and call me King,
Shouldn’t that mean something to them?
Shouldn’t that mean that I am worthy too?

I want to know them and aid them but,
I can’t if they continue to shut me out.
If I don’t know them, if they don’t open to me,
Then I can only guide from afar…
Which is as effective as a child’s fan
In redirecting a hurricane.